Friday, March 14, 2014

She's Having A Baby

You may not be able to tell but this
lady right here is a having a baby in 10 weeks. 

The college roommates got t
ogether in Dallas to celebrate. 

We always have such a fun time!
I love that we have kept in touch so well.

Pj you are going to
make a stellar mamma!!!
Can't wait to meet "Carlos".

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shayne William

Lela and I went to College Station
last week to see
our niece's new baby!
He is such a cutie.
It was so fun being with her,
Misti, and the little misters.
Congrats Wendy. He is precious!!!

Lela was sad when we dropped off
Misti and Daniel at the airport.

"Where'd the baby go"
"Little baby"
(see video)

the video that was suppose to be in the last post

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Trip to The Big Apple

New York was so fun.
It was a long weekend
full of sightseeing...

A Broadway Show

Yummy Food

Improv Comedy

Fun Bars

Crazy Cab Drivers and Shopping

Sad it is over.
Miss Haley and Steph already!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Last Five Days

Brett went to the desert bike fest for the last 5 days.
My survival kit included bad food, early bed times, a messy house, and a few dollars spent on my sanity babysitter
Chuck E Cheese

4 times 22 equal no fun

Now this was more up my alley.
Adult craft night.

Valentine's 2014

My stand in Valentine.

We drove to Houston on Saturday
to see my family
and celebrate my
niece's birthday

Then it was time to clean up and get back to real life.

Monday, February 3, 2014

You Have What?

Since losing my mom and dad
I have guarded myself.
Not allowing myself to fully
love that way very often.
Not on purpose,
just out of protection I suppose.
It wasn't until my mother in law
called me the day after Christmas
that I realized she had snuck
her little way into that place.
The moment she told me she had cancer
I felt that deep,
breath taking pain
I felt after losing my mom. 
Thinking no way God. Not again.
This lady.
She is a mentor to many.
She is my kids best friend.

She raised my husband to be an incredible father, friend, and husband.
She has walked on fire for
her husband, her marriage,
her family, never giving up.

She has faith for all of
us when we don't have it.

She is peace. 
She is grace.
She helps people believe the best in themselves.
She is our rock.
The matriarch.

Please join us in prayer as she
starts chemo and radiation
in the next few weeks.
She has oral cancer
and will beat it,
but it won't be easy.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013 in Picture Review

Started the Year off camping in January
with good friends and a fat bull dog.

In February Biggie B turned 32
March the dirt moved
and the house started.
April the framing was done.

In May my college roomies got together with our babies. Since then we have added two more boys and a girl to the mix.
10 Girls; 3 Boys

Bella played volleyball for the first time and Rowan played t-ball

In June Jane had a tangled birthday and turned 4.

And Bella had a hotel party where she turned 9.

July we went camping for the
last time in our camper.

August I turned 34.
And Lela turned 2.

September school started.
Rowan Kindergarten and
Bella 4th grade.
Rowan also turned 6.

A trip to Sonoma happened in October.
Bella ran her first 5k!
That girl didn't stop.
My nephew became a Marine in November.
Bella and I went to San Diego to watch him graduate!

We Moved!!!!
And Anna, my sis in law, got married!
December Brett and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

What a exciting year it was!