Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm Hittin It Hard

It is time to get the 10 pounds that crept on my
body this year... off.
It is time to "pump & shred"
Wut Wut

I do hate the wut wut.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paris Hilton Got It Right

when she said, "The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday."

I sorta like to live that way for a week.
That is, a week leading up to my birthday,
and a week after my birthday.

This year for my birthday, my uncle graciously let us stay at his house in Austin. He also took us out on his awesome boat. It was such a fun weekend...
I had the post birthday blues afterwards.

Thanks to all my sweet friends that made the trip!
Especially the one from New York!!

Here's to 35.
We couldn't leave Austin without a little shopping.

A Little More Birthday

Some other sweet friends I celebrated with...
Love this girl!
I miss my old neighbors but I loved spending time with them.
Other sweet friends that I got to celebrate with....
Last my not least, our sweet home builders.
Love the friendship we developed with them!

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Hard To Say Goodbye...

...but is it?

I mean I love Bella buns more than life itself,
but I wasn't shedding any tears when we left her at summer camp yesterday.
I have heard sending kids to camp can be
one of the hardest things to do.
First of all, if it is that hard maybe
you shouldn't do it.
And it's not war, it's camp.
It's a week.
But sometimes Brett says
I lack warmth.

I do have to say the counselors
fascinated Brett and me.
Their energy.
Their zeal for life.
Their smiles.
Brett and I both weren't camp people.
We had never really seen
anything like that before.
High on life.

Clapping, Screaming, Running 30 pound trunks to cabins in over 100 degree heat.
I could barely push Lela's stroller, Brett and I had to take turns.

We shall see how she does...
she was a bit iffy on whether or not camp is for her.
Making her bed with helpers.
Bella and her buddy, Courtney, that went together.
A little family pic before the send off...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Homeward Bound

Sunday we loaded the car and headed home.
It was sorta the same story as the first.
Except the liquid in Lela's seat this time was her pee, and Bella and Jane fought over a McDonald Spider-Man clip for about two hours.

It is an amazing clip.

The trip was fabulous, however,
the drive was not amazing.

Family Vacation 2014 in the books! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Briar Rose

Our vacations seem to always
come to a close right
when we get into our grove. 

Saturday we went to the
Breckenridge Beer Festival.
Where I am sure to have gained five more pounds.
The kids did great until they didn't, and Brett took them once again to the Main Street park.
My sis and Bella said a little longer. 

That night we called the resort sitter again. This time she wasn't a stranger, because she was at our house Tuesday night. But if you asked me her name I couldn't tell you. Caitlyn, Kendall, Kalyn or just The Babysitter. The kids loved her, and my sis, Brett and I had a fun night on the town. 
We told the waiter it was my birthday,
because I like to start celebrating
at least eight days in advance.
The guys behind us didn't
believe it was my birthday.
They were indeed, right.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mountain Goat

Day 5- final hike.

Now this hike was amazing.
That night we were wiped out!
Take out Chinese was the name of the game. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

She Arrived!

Thursday morning Brett took the kids on a hike while I recovered from our fun date night.
The hiked looked amazing.
Bella is quite the risk taker for a good pic. 
We met my sis downtown that afternoon. Even though I am sad she lives so far away, it is nice that she lives in such a beautiful state. 
We played in the park, walked around town, and then stopped into, Modis, for a beverage.
After happy hour we went back to the condo and the kids jumped on her and chased her till at least everyone cried once.
They love her so,
they hate sharing her.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Second Dia

The second day we
started off at fun peak day.
Also known as let's try
and spend a whole weeks worth of
saved vacay money in one day.
Good memories made though. 

One hour into our day it started to rain. Brett being quick to see if he can get his $300 back ran to the ticket booth and asked the policy on a "rain out", even though we all know it rains in the mountains everyday for all of 10 minutes and then passes. But anything to take the pit out of his stomach for spending so much when the kids only wanted to touch the packed in snow pile and dig for "gems"
both = free
We did get them to go down the  alpine slide once or twice. Walking back to the gondola with $220 back in Brett's wallet made for a good morning activity.
In order to appease their sadness for the fun park cut short we spent the money we thought we would have saved on the arcades at Eric's downstairs. Who wouldn't want to spend $16 on one rubber purple smiley face?

By now into the trip
 I had already gained
4 pounds in pale ale.
Mountains and beer seem
to go hand in hand.
I know some people may say
mountains and outdoor activities.
But reading and drinking a nice
Vanilla Porter are right up my alley.
Especially while my kids
(and husband) play arcade games. 

That night, after Eric's Downstairs, Brett and I called the "resort". That's right... I have succumb to one of those desperate mothers that would trust a stranger in a strange place with her 4 kids. Luckily she didn't loose them, hurt them, or let them play with matches.

Brett and I had such a fun date night!