Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Friday night we were
headed out for a night on the town.
Brett was waiting
patiently for me in the car.
When his patience ran out he
headed inside to check on me.
On his way in he heard a panicked voice behind him,
"Help me someone is
chasing me with a gun."
Brett quickly ran inside
grabbed his gun and called 911.
Me, the babysitter, and two little girls
that were home went
upstairs to hide in the closet.
I called our only neighbor
also our home builder for help.
Brett realized when he
took a closer look at the guy through the back door he was foaming
at the mouth and didn't look right.
17 minutes later the sheriff arrived.
But not before Brett and our neighbor
had the guy facedown in the yard.
His girlfriend was later
arrested up the street.
We assume they got in a
fight and the guy
just started running
and ended up in our yard.
He was just hallucinating when
he said someone was chasing him.

And then we went to the party!
Here are some fun pics.
Dancing, limbo, red lipstick
and more...

I think I want one.

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Mdegraeve said...

I think u want one too:)))