Monday, May 13, 2013

Ode to Mother's Day

I mean let's be honest. I could do without this day.
It is just a day full of extreme emotions.

First there is sadness. Sad that my mom isn't around.

Then there is joy, joy that I have children.
I have these little people on Earth that call me mom.
I guess big people too...
"What's for dinner tonight, momma?"- Brett.
"Stop calling me momma, Brett. I am your wife."

Next there is let down, let down because you have this amazing expectation that mother's day, whether you are celebrating your mother or yourself, will be a glorious day full of laughter, fun, appreciation, connectiveness, reflection, relaxation... But really it is a day filled will referring arguments, wiping diarrhea off the bathroom rug, then cleaning a swimsuit full of it, more referring, another timeout, cutting gum out of hair, blood from a stubbed toe, fighting over the swing again, begging to play baseball,
more diarrhea (the baby, not me)

Then the feeling of sheer emotional exhaustion.

However, there is tomorrow.
No expectation, just a regular day, a good day.



jana fleming said...

i love this post lesley. very well said. xo

Our Life Version 5.0 said...

I had a hard time with Mother's Day when I wanted to be a mom and wasn't pregnant yet. Now that I am a mom, I enjoy the day but still remember and think of those who want to be a mother so badly. I know it can be an incredibly hard day for those who battle infertility too.
Lovely post, Lesley! I hope you felt fully loved and appreciated by your little ones and your husband!


I just love you, love this post...